Top 4 Words To Define Love

I hear the word LOVE used A LOT. I’m sure you do too. You really can’t go through your week without hearing it at least once. But do you actually know what the word means? Here I’ll break down the top 4 words to define love and what each words means.

I’m not talking about any type of love here. There’s all sorts of love out there. Believe me I’ve seen a lot.

But I’m taking about healthy love. Because at the end of the day that’s the type of love we’re all searching for…. right?

Of course, intense passionate love is exciting but it’s surface love and doesn’t last.

Healthy love is the type of love you actually want. It’s the type of love that doesn’t fade or get old. It’s the type of love that sees your significant other as partner, best friend, and confidant. So how do we define it?

When I ask clients to define love for me they can never give me a real tangible definition for it. Why is that? I think it’s because there’s no homework assignments in grade school labeled “How to have healthy connections with people”.

This means you’ve been left to figure out your own definition for this love stuff. The problem with that is, your definition probably comes from your personal examples of love. And majority of people DO NOT have healthy examples of love. This also means, you might have incorrect definition love because of those examples.

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That’s why it’s so importable for you to seek out your own definition to define what healthy love means to you.

Here’s the Top 4 Words To Define Love and their meanings:

  1. Appreciation – Seeing the good qualities in someone and valuing their existence.
  2. Fondness – Affection, liking, and care for someone.
  3. Respect – A feeling of deep admiration and regard for someone.
  4. Trust – Unquestioning belief and reliance on someone.

If you’re current definition of love doesn’t involve these 4 guys, then it’s time for you to redefine what love means for you.

If your relationship isn’t exercising these qualities, perhaps that should also be redefined.

The type of love you accept stems from your level of self-love. You have the ability to redefine this in your life to attract healthy love.

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