Let's Breakthrough Your Barriers.

Counseling & Life Coaching in Tampa, FL


Aniesa Hanson, PhD

Over the years we’ve helped people breakthrough anxiety, target relationship problems, heal emotional wounds, increase self-awareness, and claim personal growth. Now it’s your turn to break your cycle of what’s not working for you. That’s what we’re here for. Me and my counselor teammate Kayla are here to help be your support system in your growth journey.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients breakthrough limiting barriers to gain authentic happiness and we want to help you do the same.

We use a holistic approach to counseling and life coaching involving psychology, mindfulness, and mindset shifts to create lasting, life altering, change. Now… let’s get you started!

How We Help You?

Here’s what we’ll use to target your barriers…



The focus is to gain clarity to the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that aren't working for you. Then start targeting these patterns that have been very hard for you to change to tap into a whole new way of living.


Couples Counseling

This is like taking your relationship to the next level by upgrading your toolbox. Whether it's issues with communication, intimacy, or conflict, the goal is to create the optimal relationship for you and your partner. Pretty cool, right?!


Mindset Coaching

Here we help empower you to develop, meet, reach, and exceed the goals you want to make happen for yourself. We'll breakthrough a limited mindset with a more directive approach.

Work With Us

Aniesa Hanson Counseling was created to help as many people live their best life. This is exactly why counselor Kayla has joined our counseling team. Kayla is an experienced down-to-earth master’s level counselor who helps others move through their struggles to create meaningful lives.

Learn more about Kayla and schedule a session with her here.