The Ugly Truth About Anxiety

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ve heard of the word anxiety. I’m sure you’ve also heard your girlfriend, coworker, or a second cousin proclaim: “I have anxiety”. But “anxiety” isn’t just bestowed upon the lucky. The ugly truth about anxiety is that we all have it and it doesn’t go away if we ignore it.

Simply put, anxiety is the unease of something with an uncertain outcome. This describes every human ever. Every single person experiences anxiety.

If you’re breathing you’ve experienced anxiety.

It apart of living. It’s when anxiety rises above a certain level, this is when an anxiety problem arises.

How to deal with your anxiety today is based on how you dealt with your anxiety the last time it showed up. It titrates up. This means if you didn’t get in control of your anxiety the last time, it will be even harder this time.

Anxiety builds from your experiences. More specifically, your perception of those experiences. If you don’t have positive experiences with your anxiety such as overcoming a difficult situation or not avoiding that plane ride, you’re conditioning our anxiety up the ante. Even though you have no idea you’re doing this.

The only way to decrease anxiety and take back control through prevention and implementing the right things at the right time.

This is the perfect anxiety formula.

When I work with clients we focus on both equally. Everyone’s prevention/attack plan is different. Anxiety counseling creates a framework to help each client’s specific needs.

Here’s The Ugly Truth About Anxiety….

If you ignore it, it will get worse (sad face).

Like I mentioned, your anxiety level is based on how you dealt with your anxiety in your past.

Every time you ignore your anxiety or let it do it whatever it wants, it makes it that much harder to combat it the next time it shows up. There’s no better time than now to get prevention and a plan of attach for yourself.

As always, if you have any questions about anxiety counseling in Tampa I’m here for you. Click here to schedule your free phone consultation with me or to ask a question. Anxiety counseling is my specialty and I love helping clients find a new hold on their anxiety.

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