Top 5 Tips For Healthy Love

Did you know that there’s different types of love? There is! Not all love is healthy love. You learned your love style based on your past experiences. At a very very early age you learned about love. You either learned from a parent, teacher, or mentor what love looked like and how to show it.

Not all love types are created equal. At the end of the day what you’re really after is healthy love. Here’s the top 5 tips how to get it…

3 Pillars to Healthy Love:

If you weren’t shown healthy love growing up, we’ll first need to define what healthy love is:

1. Trust. Trust is the belief in the truth and the reliability in someone else. If you didn’t experience healthy love growing up, this might seem like a foreign concept to you. You can’t have healthy love without trust. It’s truly the belief that someone has your best interest in mind.

2. Respect. Respect is the complete regard for someone else’s feelings. If you or your partner choose behaviors in spite of each other, this is not respect. Cherish you and your partner’s feelings is a crucial component to healthy love.

3. Appreciation. Appreciation is the recognition of someone’s good qualities. Appreciation is the opposite of criticism. If your partner is always pointing out what’s not going right, reevaluate your dynamic. Being critical comes easy to most people. It’s can be effortless to point out what’s wrong. It takes effort to point out what’s going right. Healthy love is built on appreciating your partner’s good qualities, not tearing them down.

Relationship counselor Tampa
Relationship counselor Tampa

2 Ways To Get Healthy Love with Relationship Counseling:

Remember if you weren’t taught how to love in a healthy way, you have to teach yourself how to do it. Just because your love style is familiar, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

1. Breaking old love habits. To do this you first need to gain awareness that your old love ways no longer serve you. Changing old blue print is VERY hard. But the first step is being aware of what not to do.

2. Setting boundaries. You need boundaries to know how to navigate relationships. They’re not meant to punish anyone. They’re meant to guide you. By setting boundaries you’re saying “I will no longer take less than this”. Set a boundaries for yourself right now that trust, respect, and appreciation need to be the foundation for all your relationships. If these three healthy love pillars aren’t happening for you, then you need to reevaluate immediately.

You deserve healthy love. This is your right. But you are the only one that make it happen. If you want to learn how to get healthy love click here to see how relationship counseling Tampa can help you.

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