Top 5 Ways Couples Up Communication

As therapist I help couples improve their communication on the regular. Did you know that a communication breakdown is the most common reason for couples to seek counseling? If you’re interested in 5 ways couples up communication…. keep reading.

You can’t have a successful relationship without good communication skills. At my counseling practice in Tampa, FL that’s exactly what I help couples do. Not all couples communication breakdown looks the same.

Some couples have difficulty resolving conflicts while other couples have trouble sharing intimate details openly with each other.

Your communication issues are specific to you and your partner.

So for me it’s about taking a deep look at each couples concerns.

Each couples communication issues are specific to them. This being said, there are some basic steps to take place before diving into complex communication patterns.

If you’re just starting off and wanting to make some communication improvements… make sure these 4 things are present before taking on bigger issues:

  • Try to create a safe space to share thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Practice active listening, not just waiting to talk
  • Stay far away from name calling or labeling your partner

If you’ve already put these things in place, it’s probably ready to up your communication game even more.

Here’s The Top 5 Ways Couples Up Communication:

  1. Learning how to have open dialogue
  2. Knowing how to share emotions openly
  3. Learning how to build intimacy
  4. Using only positive langue with each other
  5. Creating shared meaning for the future

My goal as a couple’s counselor is to help you get the healthiest relationship possible. A healthy relationship all stems from healthy communication.

Contact me here if you’re wondering if you and your partner are a good fit for couples counseling. I’m looking forward to talking soon!

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