couples counselor tampa

Couples Counseling Tampa

How Couples Counseling Improves Your Mood

Research has shown that the quality of your relationship determines your overall level of happiness. This means, if your relationship isn’t happy… you’re not going to be happy. So how does Couples Counseling improve your mood?? Let me help break it down…. Here’s What Couples Counseling Should Do: Improve a better connection (verbally, emotionally, and …

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Couples Counseling Tampa

Are Your Relationship Problems Fixable or Perpetual?

Here’s how to know if your problems are actually fixable or if they are problems that will always be around… Each relationship has their own set of problems. Whether that problem is actually solvable or perpetual depends on you and your partners relationship. Solvable problems are based on situational conflicts such as deciding who’s going …

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Bettering Your Emotional Intelligence

What’s Your EI?? Not it’s not some alien creature… EI is the abbreviation for Emotional Intelligence. Just like an IQ assesses human intelligence, EI assesses your capacity to be aware of and control emotions. Specifically it measures your ability to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically (which is the secret to ALL success relationships). As relationship counselor …

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