Are Your Relationship Problems Fixable or Perpetual?

Here’s how to know if your problems are actually fixable or if they are problems that will always be around…

Each relationship has their own set of problems. Whether that problem is actually solvable or perpetual depends on you and your partners relationship.

Solvable problems are based on situational conflicts such as deciding who’s going to empty the dishwasher or which in-laws house you’re having Thanksgiving at.

Solvable problems are specifically about the problem at hand. These problems don’t hold a deeper meaning for either partner. For this reason, a solution can be achieved and maintained between you and your partner.

Perpetual problems are little more complicated.

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Perpetual problems are difficult topics a couple continues goes back to throughout the relationship.

Perpetual problems are due to fundamental differences in personality traits, upbringing, and each other’s lifestyle priorities.

There is no one perfect solution for these type of problems.

Solvable problems have resolutions. Perpetual problems don’t.

Every couple has perpetual problems but if these problems aren’t handled the right way, it will cause a huge emotional divide between you and your partner.

The best way to work through perpetual problems, is to build emotional intelligence and conflict manage skills to better discuss these topics.

The goal isn’t to “fix” perpetual problems but to develop healthy ways, constructive ways to openly talk about tough issues WITHOUT arguing with your partner.

How you learn to discuss perpetual problems makes or breaks your relationship.

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