Bettering Your Emotional Intelligence

What’s Your EI??

Not it’s not some alien creature… EI is the abbreviation for Emotional Intelligence. Just like an IQ assesses human intelligence, EI assesses your capacity to be aware of and control emotions. Specifically it measures your ability to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically (which is the secret to ALL success relationships). As relationship counselor in Tampa I help people in-person and online better their EI.

You CANNOT have a GREAT Relationship without some level of EI. It just won’t happen. The relationship will always fall short and both parties will be struggling for control.

The 5 Keys Elements of Emotional Intelligence Include:
Social Skills

There’s probably at least one of these elements that needs some serious help. And each element needs to be nurtured in its own way. Which of the 5 elements do you need the most help with? Be honest. Whatever it is that should be your EI focus.

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