What’s a Life Coach Tampa?

We’ve all heard the term Life Coach by now…. And if you haven’t there may be a good chance you’ve been living under a rock :/ The term Life Coach has become a buzz word into today’s society…. But what exactly is a Life Coach Tampa?

Great question! Often times confused with counselors, Life Coaches take a different approach when working with clients. A Life Coach in Tampa helps clients work on future goals to create a different path in life then they’re currently on. Life coaching in Tampa focuses on the present and the future…. Not the past. When Life Coaching starts to delve into the past counseling might be more appropriate to process feelings and thoughts.

The Life Coach Tampa approach can be more direct and less formal than counseling. The process of Life Coaching is to help clients define and refine goals, whether personally or professionally, and provide a blueprint toward the goals. This is different from counseling which helps clients handle emotions from stressors, either past or present, for solutions.

Then why choose a Life Coach over a counselor?? Many people only want to focus on the future that’s why. Also having a Life Coach in Tampa can have less of a sigma than seeing a counselor. Unfortunately some people still find it shameful to seek counseling. Both professions promote growth and achieving goals…. It just depends on what you need in your life.

If you have goals you want to achieve and need help getting there a Life Coach would be exactly what you need in your life. Keep in mind most successful people have coaches! They know the value of someone other than themselves holding themselves accountable.

If you’re curious if a Life Coach Tampa is right for you…. then go ahead a schedule a phone consultation with us. We’ll be straight up with you and let you know if we can help you achieve our goals or not.

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