Find the Best Counselor in Tampa for You!

Searching for a counselor in Tampa can be a daunting process. Just take a deep breathe…. I’m here to help you. When you’re looking at a sea of names it’s almost impossible to pick which one will be the best fit for you. Picking the right counselor is like picking any other provider… there isn’t a one size fits all approach. You need to do some research, then make the best option for YOU.

I’ll break down what exactly you should be looking for when picking the right counselor for you.  Here’s 3 simple tips to make sure the counselor in Tampa you pick is the best fit for you!

  1. What are other’s saying about them. Since counseling is such a private experience for most people, getting reviews can be challenging. But you still need to make sure the counselor you pick has some stellar reviews whether with clients or colleagues. Check Google, Facebook, or even LinkedIn for authentic feedback to see if you’re a good match for you.
  2. Don’t price shop. When you find a counselor you like… pick them. Don’t nickel and dime yourself by searching for the most “affordable” counselor. Obviously don’t blow your whole savings but be realistic on what you should pay. Counseling is an investment into your future. Remember price equals expertise and efficiency.
  3. Schedule a consult. Most counselor offer phone consultations so take advantage. If you feel like you gel well with the counselor during the consultation book a session. You’re not committing to anything serious if you schedule a session. Just because you book one session doesn’t mean you’re committed to that counselor for life. Take a leap and schedule to see them.

If you’re looking for the best counselor in Tampa for you,  schedule a consultation today to see if we’re what you’re looking for.

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