4 Signs You Have Communication Issues

As a therapist who specializes in Tampa Couples Counseling…. Can you guess the number one cause of divorce in the U.S.? If you guessed cheating or extra martial affairs you’d be wrong. According to a survey by Olver and Roth (2015) the number one cause for marriages ending is COMMUNICATION ISSUES.

These issues are cancer to any relationship. Sometimes we don’t even know there’s a problem until it’s too late then it’s extremely hard to fix. Being proactive about the communication styles within your OWN relationship is the best way to stop the cancer from spreading. Finding a couples counselor Tampa is the quickest, most affordable, least painful way to get the root of communication dysfunction without damaging the relationship anymore.

Putting off fixing your communication issues is the single WORST thing you could do to sabotage your relationship. Every day is a chance to make your relationship as successful as it can be. And each day that goes by that you don’t make an effort for the best communication patterns is another day it adds to the erosion of your relationship.

If you’re thinking you have communication issues in your relationship…. You’re probably right!

Here’s 4 telltale signs that your relationship is in need of a communication overhaul:

  1. Conversations are superficial. You can’t have real deep conversations with each other. And when you do they typically end in a fight where you both retreat to your corners. This is a clear sign your relationship lacks authentic clear communication.
  2. You’ve stopped asking question. Verbally communicating interest in what your partner does shows your partner you actually care about them. When you stop asking questions, you get stuck in the mundane rut and stop contributing to the relationship.
  3. You’re talking to a wall. If you feel like your opinions aren’t being heard or you’re being talked at… then you guys have work to do. Most dysfunctional couples talk more than they listen, which over time causes some serious resentment between couples. Good communication is about ACTIVE listening not just talking. If you’re not listening…. You’re not communication.
  4. Your sex life is nonexistent. It’s a misconception that sex is strictly physical. Sex starts in the brain. If you don’t feel mentally or emotionally connected to your partner you won’t want to have sex with them. There should also be an open healthy conversation regarding sex in your relationship. If you can’t talk about it and if you’re not having it… it’s time to look at your communication styles.

Communication issues always get worse if not addressed immediately. Couples counseling Tampa is a great way to get an objective point-of-view of relationship to stop these issues in its tracks. If any of these signs apply to you contact us today to schedule you consultation.

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