GREAT relationships take WORK… Tampa Relationship Counselor

If you’re someone who hasn’t been “lucky” enough to experience a GREAT relationship you probably thinking they only exist in movies. We have such high hopes when we’re young to find “the one” but as we age and we get emotionally beat down by un-met expectations to dream of finding “the one” begins to fade leaving us to settle. As a Tampa Relationship Counselor I specialize in helping people (whether singles or couples) get this dream back on track.

Guess what?…. GREAT relationships actually exist. Not only do they exist, they walk among us on the daily. How did these people win the relationship lottery?? How are they so lucky??? The truth is luck has little to do with it. We typically refer to people as “lucky” when we don’t see all the hard work that went into getting there. It’s easy to label someone lucky when we see their success. This is an excuse so we don’t have to do the hard work ourselves.

Here’s some more truth for you…. GREAT relationships take actual work. Never in my ten year career working with clients have a heard someone say they were “lucky” to fall into a great relationship. It takes conscious effort to achieve this. It’s every day waking up and putting your best relationship foot forward. If you don’t sacrifice to do this…. The relationship will always suffer.

GREAT relationships have a common thread…. They always put the relationship first. This means before your own personal agenda. If you feel like your needs trump the relationship needs, the relationship will feel it. Maybe you won’t see the effects of this the first couples times you do this put as habits and patterns form and you continually out your needs first, the relationship will fail.

These patterns need to be stopped in their tracks before it causes more irreparable damage. Utilizing a Tampa Relationship Counselor will stop the negative cycle and repair the damage FAST. Relationship issues WILL GET WORSE if not addressed. Schedule a consult today to get your relationship where it needs to be.

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