Do You Have Anxiety?

The word “anxiety” has a lot of different meanings. Anxiety can mean worry or self-doubt for some people and avoidance or obsessive thinking. Sometimes knowing that you have an anxiety can be easy to spot. But sometimes it can be more difficult. So… do you have anxiety?

Everybody has experienced some type of anxiety at some point in their life. But when anxious thoughts overtake your mind on a daily or even weekly basis…. it’s time to look deeper.

Avoiding anxiety only makes anxiety worse.

Anxiety feeds off of fear and avoidance. That’s why people that don’t address their anxiety always end up with more and more serious symptoms. It’s important not to just deal with your anxiety put be a participant in conquering it. Anxiety doesn’t only impact us individually, it impacts all the people in our lives. Overwhelming feelings of worry rob you from feeling content and engaging in quality relationships.

Even though it feels all consuming, anxiety IS NOT permanent. You have to break the anxiety loop. Working with a professional will get you back in control of your thoughts to be able to live a more fulfilled life.

Anxiety doesn’t just show up in our thoughts…. It wreaks havoc on us physically. High blood pressure, shortness of breath, muscle tension, are all signs anxiety is running the show.  Anxiety has even shown to disrupt concentration, sleep, and the digestive process. When physical symptoms of anxiety become severe, a panic attack is not far from the horizon.

Does this sound like you? Then anxiety is most likely running the show. But it does not have to be this way. If you’re struggling with keeping anxious thoughts at bay…. CLICK HERE to sign up for a consultation or to ask a question and see if we can help.

Work With An Experienced Therapist.