Tampa Codependency Recovery

Unraveling the People-Pleasing Puzzle

People-pleasing, while seemingly innocuous, can become a pattern of behavior that undermines our well-being and authenticity. It’s a tendency to prioritize others’ needs and desires over our own, often at the expense of our mental health and personal boundaries. While it may appear as a mere personality trait, digging deeper reveals its roots often lie …

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Have You Learned How To Invalidate Yourself?

As children, we’re learning about ourselves, relationships, the world, and everything in between. Everything is new to us and we highly depend on our parents to teach us what we need to know. We have basic needs like shelter, clothing, food, water, and physical safety. We have needs to emotionally connect with our parents and …

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Where Does Your Worthiness Come From?

Contrary to what most of us are taught, we are all born inherently worthy of love, respect, attention, and good things in life. Our society, culture, peers, and family often send us messages (directly or indirectly) that we need to earn our worthiness. For example, many people attach their worth to their physical appearance or …

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