Relationship Counseling in Tampa – Free Tip!

Free Tip Thursday… Is your iPhone destroying your relationship?? Here’s some advice from Relationship Counseling in Tampa…

Are you someone who can’t get through a lunch, dinner, or pee break without checking your phone? In between lulls of a conversation do you check who liked your latest IG post? During commercial breaks of Real Housewives of OC are you endlessly scrolling through your FB feed?…. Then we may have a problem. Your relationship with your phone is impacting your romantic relationship.

Relationship counseling in Tampa and couples counseling in Tampa addresses these issues. As a relationship counselor I see this issue ALL THE TIME… the struggle is real to balance personal relationships with our social ones. To learn more about me click here. Without guidance and not knowing appropriate phone parameters, we’re left scrolling away not knowing the destruction it causes in its wake.

First thing is understanding the importance of a “lull”….

The unstructured time between moments is the space where bonding is exercised. It’s not the big gestures. Although nice…. Big gestures don’t build deep lasting trust and intimacy. But the time between moments does. When you use this time to check your social media, you rob your relationship of an opportunity to grow closer. Looking for external validation from social media will NOT make a great relationship. It will slowly erode the connection with your partner and over time you’ll feel like you have “nothing in common”. This is a path I’ve seen too many times with clients.

Now is the time to stop these bad habits. If these habits are not addressed….they will get worse. Trust me. Ignoring any type of bad habit has never served anyone. You have to prioritize yourself and your partner to have a great relationship. If you’ve already action to do this…. then congratulations you’re in the top 3%.

But this is not the norm. Most people are completely frustrated and confused on what changes to make on how to make these changes permanent. Most people need accountability, structure, and guidance to succeed in a great relationship. If you’re one of THESE people…. Sign-up now to schedule your consult.


Take control… turn your current relationship into a great one!

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