Stress Counseling in Tampa

When you think of stress…. What comes to mind? Work? Family? Lover? Kids? Everyone has different life stressors. Because of these different stressors, Stress Counseling in Tampa needs to cater to this. Counseling is not a one size fits all approach. It needs to tailor to you. If you are dealing with stress in your…

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Bettering Your Emotional Intelligence

What’s Your EI?? Not it’s not some alien creature… EI is the abbreviation for Emotional Intelligence. Just like an IQ assesses human intelligence, EI assesses your capacity to be aware of and control emotions. Specifically it measures your ability to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically (which is the secret to ALL success relationships). As relationship counselor…

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STOP doing it alone: Personal Growth Guide from Tampa Therapist

Wisdom is one of greatest pillars of a GREAT relationship. Building Personal Growth is a team effort so STOP doing it alone. Let’s talk about why it’s important to have a team and why a relationship expert in Tampa or a Tampa therapist should be on that team. Even though there are other pillars that…

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The Power of Active Listening Right Now

Active listening is the cornerstone of all great communication. When you think of the term active listening what comes to mind? Running a marathon while having a conversation? Or maybe doing cartwheels while your partner shares their concerns? Unfortunately, although it would be super fun, it’s not that type of ‘active’. In simple terms, active…

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Finding Balance with Anxiety Counseling

Counseling Tampa

Finding any type of balance nowadays can seem impossible. This is especially true when trying to find that perfect balance between work, personal, and family obligations. But sticking to our strict daily responsibilities isn’t enough…. anxiety counseling can this balance for an anxiety free life! We are all guilty of not finding enough time for…

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GREAT relationships take WORK… Tampa Relationship Counselor

If you’re someone who hasn’t been “lucky” enough to experience a GREAT relationship you probably thinking they only exist in movies. We have such high hopes when we’re young to find “the one” but as we age and we get emotionally beat down by un-met expectations to dream of finding “the one” begins to fade…

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