Why Practicing Self-Care Is So Hard

Self-care is *anything* you do for yourself to intentionally improve your emotional, mental, and physical health. Even though we know it’s important to take care of ourselves, we tend to put it off or put other people’s needs before ours. Why do we do this??

This is why…. practicing self-care is so hard because it takes a lot of discipline. Think about it. You’re in charge of making your self-care happen. Most people don’t realize this. Most people believe self-care is an indulgence.


It’s incredibly challenging to constantly prioritize caring for yourself and put activities in place to make sure you keep doing this.

We have some many daily stressors, pressures, and expectations that self-care ends up coming up second to all of our other responsibilities.

If we were robots this would be fine. But we’re not robots. We’re humans. Humans need to recuperate to function at a high level. This is why when you’re under a high amount of stress your energy, focus, and compassion goes out the window. It’s too much for your body and brain to handle.

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Self-care is a necessity to living a long happy life.

It’s a non-negotiable for this type of life.

You can’t manage stress if you’re not practicing self-care.

Over the last decade of helping clients I’ve never seen as exception to this rule. You are not the exception. Stop trying to be a robot.

It’s incredibly important to put activities in place to make your self-care happen.

Don’t wait until you’re about to blowup at your coworker to practice self-care. This is way too late.

Self-care should be happening all the time. Yes, even when you’re feeling good. Self-care is primarily about prevention. Self-care prevents stress from running your life. If you don’t put things in place to do that, that’s exactly stress will do to you.

I help people every week learn how to practice self-care. It’s not easy. It’s pretty much like learning a whole new lifestyle. But with consistency and accountability you can build self-care into your life that doesn’t include a week long yoga retreat.

In my counseling practice in Tampa I get so excited about helping people do exactly that.

If you want to make self-care a bigger part of your life, let’s chat so we can pinpoint specific challenges you’re having to make this happen. Looking forward to connecting soon!

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