6 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

There’s many road signs to identify a toxic relationship. But if you don’t know what to look for you could end up in a toxic relationship before you know it. By identifying and understanding toxic signs, you could potentially filter out a toxic relationship before it even begins.

Here’s 6 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship:

1. You feel bad more than 50% of the time.

2. You avoid sharing your thoughts and feelings because the other person will explode on you.

3. You feel like you’re doing most of the heavy lifting in the relationship.

4. Any type of name calling is being used. Even if the other person is “joking”.

5. There’s no compromise or resolution between the two of you.

6. The persons behaviors aren’t align with their words.

All healthy relationships make sacrifices. Good relationships have an equal dance of responsibility. Compromise and bending is needed to make this happen. It’s important to know the difference between over bending and healthy bending. When one person over gives in the relationship, it becomes unbalanced and causes the other party to have more power.

It’s not your responsibly to fix the other person’s problems. It’s your responsibility to identify what’s not working for you. If you address your concerns with this person and they continue, it’s then your responsibility to decide if the relationship is healthy for you. Sometimes that may mean ending the relationship. Do not wait for the other person change. If they wanted to change they would have already done it. Be the change for yourself.

Good relationships are built on respect, trust, and compassion. Toxic relationships are built on power and control. The more you learn about what actions are toxic, the quicker you can identify them to keep it moving. Not every relationship is meant to work out. You are the filter for the relationships you accept.

If you’re having trouble identifying if you’re in a toxic relationship or if toxic relationship always seem to find you, click here to find out more how counseling can help you. In my counseling practice in Tampa I help people every day redefine what a healthy relationship looks like and I want to help you do the same.

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