Top 4 Ways Therapy Helps Anxiety

I get asked pretty often about how therapy helps anxiety. Therapy can help anxiety in soooo many ways so it was hard to narrow it down to just 4. But after some forced filtering…

Here’s my top 4 ways that anxiety therapy can help:

Improve your awareness.

The first step to any type of transformation is awareness. If you’re not aware of what’s going on inside of you, it will leave you stuck feeling like you’re a victim of your anxiety. Self control comes from awareness. Awareness brings you out of the state avoidance and survival and into a more consciousness (aware) level of thinking.

Understand your anxiety on a deeper level.

Have you ever wondered where your anxiety actually comes from? In my anxiety therapy practice in Tampa, I teach clients every day about their own anxiety. Probably about 90% of people who walk into my office have never been educated on their anxiety. Even though these same people have seen many doctors about their anxiety, no know has explained it to them. You need to be familiar with your anxiety to overcome it. Therapy does this. You deserve to know how anxiety is created, how it psychologically and physiologically effects your body, and what you can actually do to minimize it.

Change an old tape.

Your anxious repetitive thoughts come from an old tape. This tape was created based on your perception of past experiences, typically your experiences as a child. No don’t need this old shitty tape anymore. It’s no longer serving you. Therapy guides you to recognize old negative thoughts to create a new thoughts that better reflect the life you want to live (i.e. a new tape). Anxiety therapy Tampa helps you breakthrough familiar dysfunctional patterns to establish new healthy ones.

Stay on track.

Have you tried to break a bad habit for a week or two but then eventually go back to doing that habit again? Who hasn’t?! What most people are missing in their lives is accountability. Setting intention is great, but if you don’t hold yourself to those intentions they just become another lofty idea. Anxiety therapy holds you accountable to things you really want for yourself. Your therapist is an objective point of view. They help stay accountable to the goals you want for you. No one else. Only you. Their role is to help you stay focused even in the toughest of days.

Anxiety therapy Tampa is a judgment-free zone where you can come and be your unapologetically authentic self. If you’re curious if therapy will help you, reach out to me here. I’m always here to answer any questions you may have. Starting therapy for the first time can be super intimidating but reaching out to get started is actually the hardest part.

You can do it!

Work With An Experienced Therapist.