Why…The MAGIC of Christmas is good for the Adult-soul.

As we age we gradually become hardened by the world. This happens to us by being exposed to serious life events and daily responsibilities. This hardening not only impacts how we handle situations, it impacts our perception of the world. Over time this takes a toll on our delight and awe of the world around us that we had as children.

When we become stifled by our daily routines, our innocence ends along with our wonder. Exuberance for events that came effortlessly to us as children, is now nonexistent….

But who says it has to be this way??

This loss, whether we know it or not, is why adults live vicariously through children’s wonderment especially during Christmas time. 

As grown children, it’s equally important that we experience this feeling – whether we have children in our lives or not.

In my counseling practice in Tampa, I constantly remind clients that expressing our adult-wonder is the perfect way to exercise our inner world of imagination that we keep dormant most of the year. Living the childlike anticipation of Santa or twinkle lights is a great way to express this.

Obviously there’s a social line we don’t want to cross such as wearing our Rudolph pajamas to work, but we do want to allow the sparkle of the holiday wash over us without feeling embarrassed.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to embrace our inner wonder. No matter the age, this time of year holds a nostalgic value which we should be releasing as adults.

Letting ourselves have these experiences is important to our creative development. Exercising this part of our brain is vital to continuously developing our imagination and “what could be” capabilities that we shouldn’t let go of as adults.

Now put on those reindeer pajamas and MAKE yourself like it!

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