What’s Real Self-Confidence?

What does it mean to be truly confident in ourselves? Does it mean having the newest car, 2.5 kids, and someone to be married to? Or does it mean something more? What’s Real Self-confidence?

This term is much more than an simple hyphenated word. It’s a concept on how you as a person trust your own abilities and qualities. So why do you have such a problem finding it?

No one is born with a self-confidence skill set. It’s not a gene. It can’t be bought. It’s earned. Self-confidence is developed through mastering experiences. It’s literally showing yourself that you’re capable. It’s the belief that you’re capable of achieving what you want to do.

Simply put…. To be self-confident is to be confident with YOURSELF.

When you have nonexistent low self-confidence, there is no trust in your abilities. You are riddled with doubt and shy away from any experience that’s challenging or uncomfortable. The feeling of being uncomfortable is where all personal growth comes from. When you avoid this feeling, you avoid all potential opportunities to make your life better.

Self-doubt becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you have a low self-confidence belief, you’ll never show yourself that you can actually master skill. If you never master skills are you perpetually receive the message that you have no worth.

You deserve to have a better outlook of yourself.

Self-esteem is the opinion you have of you. These beliefs come from the things YOU do. Real feelings of confidence and positive self-esteem have an affect on how you think and act and interact with others. These thoughts will also directly impact how successful you are in life.

If you know you’re self-confidence is in the dumps, don’t let it stay there. You can change your judgments about yourself. It’s about consistency and training your brain you have value and a real skill set. It’s about proving to you that you have worth. IT IS POSSIBLE.

You don’t have to settle for how you feel about you.

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