3 Ways Performance Psychology Helps

Performance psychology is a subdivision of psychology that focuses on applying psychological principles to facilitate optimal performance in people in high stress situations.

Performance psychology has been successfully shown to optimize sport, business, and creative pursuits for peak performance.

A performance psychologist helps athletes and professionals overcome obstacles that block their performance.

To the contrary, a performance psychologist doesn’t just help professional athletes.

A performance psychologist can help any client wanting to improve overall performance such as a supervisor, lawyer, coach, CrossFit athlete, dancer, student, etc.  

Here’s 3 Ways Performance Psychology Helps:

1. Performance is actually more mental than physical. How many times have you been a world renowned golfer miss a simple putting shot? That’s because performance isn’t only about technical physical performance, it’s about mindset. Through mental exercises, visualization, and relaxation techniques performance psychology helps a client improve performance.

2. Greatly increases confidence. Performance psychology has been shown to improve confidence, focus, and composure in a client’s performance whether that means on the field or in the board room.

3. Boosts team moral. Performance psychology isn’t just beneficial for individuals, it improves team and group dynamics, functionality, burnout, and outcomes.

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