What You Should Know About Anxiety Counseling

Over the years of working with clients and conducting thousands of hours of counseling, I’ve come to understand the best way to overcome anxiety.

Here’s what you should know about anxiety counseling:

  • Not every counselor is trained in or thoroughly understands anxiety. Crazy right? Sad but true. Most counselors are not trained on how anxiety occurs, how it psychologically and physiologically effects the body/mind, or how to effectively minimize it. Most counselors are only taught how to recognize and diagnose anxiety symptoms. This isn’t helpful to you because you already know what your symptoms are… hence the reason you’re reading this post. Anxiety counseling should actively help you get back in control, not label what you already know.
  • Most doctors will tell you “there’s nothing wrong with you”. This comes from the brief system that if you can’t see something it doesn’t exist. There is no magical test doctors can do to *prove* you have anxiety. Anxiety is subjective to you. Because of this you’ll most likely get the diagnosis of “you’re fine”. But you’re not fine. There’s something seriously messed up and your brain and body are trying to tell you.
  • I don’t treat anxiety like a pathological disease…. Because it isn’t. Anxiety is more like the outcome of wonky patterning. Through my personal and professional experience I’ve come to find that a more integrative approach to anxiety counseling creates the best outcomes. The anxiety symptoms are more like alarms letting you know that wonky pattern has been created rather than believing there’s a disease taking place. Disease means it can’t be changed or fixed. Your brain and body are adaptable if you help rewire the pattern. Anxiety counseling in Tampa helps you do this.
  • I’m a firm believer in putting the client in control of their anxiety. The best anxiety counseling reflects this. You have the power to rewire your mind, brain, and body. You just need the understanding and tools on how to get there. My goal has an anxiety counselor in Tampa to help empower you in your journey. I love the team aspect when working with a client’s anxiety. Every time a client gets a win, it’s also a win for me!

If you have any questions about anxiety counseling in Tampa or virtually click here. I’d be happy to setup a quick call to answer all of your questions.

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