Why Not Saying “No” Is Causing You Anxiety

Anxiety counseling Tampa

There’s a lot of pressure to say “yes” to all the obligations around us. This pressure comes from guilty of saying “no” and not being seen as a “good” supportive person. This conflict causes a lot anxiety for us. Even though you feel like you should be saying “yes” to people, places, and things…. there’s…

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How Couples Counseling Improves Your Mood

Couples Counseling Tampa

Research has shown that the quality of your relationship determines your overall level of happiness. This means, if your relationship isn’t happy… you’re not going to be happy. So how does Couples Counseling improve your mood?? Let me help break it down…. Here’s What Couples Counseling Should Do: Improve a better connection (verbally, emotionally, and…

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What “Doing The Work” In Therapy Looks Like

You’ve probably heard the phrase “doing the work” by now. If not, let me catch you up to speed. It’s become a pretty common expression when talking about therapy. Let me break it down to what it looks like. But what exactly does “doing the work” in therapy actually look like? Does it mean getting…

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Co-Dependent VS. Inter-Dependent

At first glance these two guys might sound similar but they couldn’t be more different. Here I’ll explain the differences between co-dependent and inter-pendent markers and how they impact us. In a healthy relationship there’s an equal give and take. There’s a mutual dependence on one another. A co-dependent relationship is out of balance. This…

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When you hear the word “trauma” you probably don’t think of your own childhood. Yet many of us are still walking around with unaddressed emotional wounds from our childhood. Why is this? Let’s take a deeper look into what childhood trauma can look like… Trauma from our childhood isn’t just caused by extreme cases of…

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How To Get Out Of Perfectionist Hell

Seeking perfection is the fast track to unhappiness. Being a perfectionist means you set the bar so high for yourself, that it’s basically unattainable. Here’s how to get out of perfectionist hell… You demand so much from yourself (and others) that you’re perpetually disappointed leading you straight to feelings of worthlessness. The search to being…

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