Accomplish More Without The Stress

Did you know that only 3% of the population is successful at multitasking? So if you’re doing all this busy work to get more done, how come you’re spinning your wheels and creating more stress in your life?? Here’s how to accomplish more without the stress in your life….

Unless you’re lucky enough to be in that 3% you’re probably causing a lot more extra work in your life.

Listen, I feel you. I used to think I was good at multitasking too. You think you’re being as productive as humanly possible using every inch of your brain to plan, prep, and execute. Unfortunately this isn’t what happens.

You end your days frazzled and stressed out just to do it all over again 8 hours later.

Multi-tasking actually causes more stress on your overworked brain. Your brain likes focus. Multitasking is the opposite of focus. When your brain doesn’t have clear concentration on where to go, the system becomes overloaded. Leaving us feeling like the big ball of stress that we are.

Stop doing that!

You’re not saving yourself any time.

It’s time re-focus what’s important to you and align it with actions to you need to take to make bug things happen.

Here’s how to beat stress….

More and more pressures are put on you and you have to find efficient ways to navigate these pressures successfully and unscathed.

This is possible.

But it’s not possible unless you shift your focus to what really matters.

If you’re not efficient with what you’re doing, you’re just going to be doing more and more work with less and less gains.

Your busy work is distracting you from reaching your real goals and leading you down a road of debilitating stress.

Stop allowing this to happen!

Stress effects EVERY component in your life. If you’re not actively managing your stress, your physical health, mental health, relationships, and happiness will all be negatively impacted.

Fight stress by being proactive by being aware of what you need to prioritize. Then hold yourself accountable to only focus on those things.

If you need help shifting your focus, lowering your stress, and staying accountable, please reach out to me. We all need support to make healthy shifts in our lives. I got your back!


Aniesa Hanson is a licensed Tampa therapist and founder of Aniesa Hanson Counseling. Aniesa specializes in counseling Tampa women and men improve overcome anxiety, master of relationships, and achieve personal growth. Learn more about working with Aniesa here.

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