How To Get Out Of Perfectionist Hell

Seeking perfection is the fast track to unhappiness. Being a perfectionist means you set the bar so high for yourself, that it’s basically unattainable.

Here’s how to get out of perfectionist hell…

You demand so much from yourself (and others) that you’re perpetually disappointed leading you straight to feelings of worthlessness. The search to being “perfect” is a lonely place that actually never brings about any feelings of accomplishment.

Striving to be perfect never really gets you what you want, it’s really a false sense of control. I can relate to this reality all too well since I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Trying to be “perfect” is never about becoming the best version of you, it’s about tearing you down from the inside out.

Perfectionism stems from criticizing yourself to a point where the weight of self expectation and self shame becomes unbearable.

Does this sound like the best version of you? Not to me. Perfectionism is a fake version of happiness which is dependent on external validation.

Perfectionism doesn’t lead to true happiness… it leads to self destructive behaviors.

Being a perfectionist can feel like hell and can feel impossible to actually enjoy anything. But it doesn’t always have be that way.

Combating perfection takes some serious self reflection, self acceptance, and healthy goal setting. You don’t have to live in perfectionist hell forever!

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Aniesa Hanson is licensed Tampa therapist and owner of Aniesa Hanson Counseling. She helps women and men build self-confidence and overcome anxiety. Learn more about Aniesa’s services here.

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