Co-Dependent VS. Inter-Dependent

At first glance these two guys might sound similar but they couldn’t be more different. Here I’ll explain the differences between co-dependent and inter-pendent markers and how they impact us.

In a healthy relationship there’s an equal give and take. There’s a mutual dependence on one another.

A co-dependent relationship is out of balance. This means there’s one person who over identified and “losses” themselves in that relationship.

The difference between a codependent and an interdependent relationship, is the type of dependence taking place.

To make more sense on what this looks like, here’s some key differences between unhealthy (codependent) and healthy (interdependent) dependence…

Key Codependent Markers:

  • You have a constant need to be needed.
  • You feel like it’s always your responsibility to fix other people’s problems.
  • You ignore your own needs for others wants.
  • You avoid expressing feelings fearing you won’t be liked.

Key Interdependent Markers:

  • You have a balance of depending on others while keeping your autonomy.
  • You accept differences without trying to fix other people.
  • You share equal responsibility for feelings and actions in a relationship.
  • You are aware of your own needs and don’t sacrifice them for others.

Many people have a difficult time identifying their unhealthy dependence. Sometime it takes an outside perspective to help put a healthy dependence practice into place.

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