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"The longer you wait to address relationship issues, the harder it is to fix." - Aniesa Hanson, Tampa's #1 Relationship Expert

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Aniesa Hanson is a Tampa Counselor and an Expert in fixing relationship issues FAST. 

Every week, for the last decade, clients have consulted Aniesa looking for answers concerning questions about a fast way to get their relationships back on track. Aniesa is a trusted relationship consulted for Reader’s Digest and a board certified counselor. 

Aniesa works with relationships on a daily basis, is involved in the research of relationships, writes about relationship issues in her publications, and continues to teach on the topic throughout the community.

Aniesa is the founder Aniesa Hanson Counseling which is a rapidly growing counseling + coaching practice in Tampa, FL. Aniesa has also been featured national publications discussing relationship tips and advice to readers.

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...The longer you wait to fix your issues the worse they'll become.

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What Clients Have to Say

  • Mary T. Mary T. Tampa, FL
    Aniesa is the best! She knows what's causing the issue, how to fix it, and does it quickly so you're not spending months in therapy. The relationships I allow to have in my life have drastically improved since working with her.
  • Mark L., Financial Adviser Mark L., Financial Adviser Tampa, FL
    Aniesa has had a significant and positive impact on my personal growth and development as a father and husband. I would recommend her 110% if you seek to work for discovery, growth, and lasting change. I believe she will help you find what you are looking for as she did for me in my life.